Is a Traditional Loan or Senior Lending Program
(HECM, Proprietary, etc) Better for Your Borrowers’ Lifestyle Over the Next 30 Years

Leveraging data and graphs, to let your borrower decide what is best for their retirement lifestyle.

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Sample Case Study: The Smith's

Here is a typical borrower you have all come across.

  1. Home Value: $500k
  2. Pay Off: $125k
  3. Age: 65
  4. HELOC: $25k used of $75k Line
  5. Payment Options: Same Payment
    • All things equal what would the loan look like?

What if they used a HECM instead and made the same payments?

A HECM compared to traditional loan.

2. Step Two

The Smith's Calculated Results:

Results from the Calculate Button.

Loan Products and Features: